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Socks for sex

...because you can wear your desires.


Giving and receiving sensual pleasure, whether with a partner or by oneself, is one of the great perks of being human. It can guide you to greater intimacy, which is both enriching and expanding.

O'Sox are an invitation to check-in with yourself and/or your partner: What do I need or want right now? For myself? From someone else? A foot rub? A different type of touch?  Use O'Sox as a reminder to touch base with your desires, and move towards them. Ask for what you want.

Gifting O'Sox to yourself or others offers a light-hearted, non-threatening way to increase the intimacy in your sensual encounters by checking-in and opening up communication/connection.

Why socks?

Research has shown that a woman is 30% more likely to orgasm if she's wearing socks

Yup, really. Read on.

In the past several years, scientists have been using fMRI machines to understand what is happening in the brain during arousal and climax. 

One such research team was the Dutch neuroscientist research group led by Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen. They found that during a woman's arousal, the part of the brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and emotion reduces activity and starts to relax. This sense of relaxation, along with safety and security, is closely associated with arousal and climax. For men, however,  the part of male brain that becomes active is the part more directly associated with physical stimulation. [We kinda knew that.]

An unexpected outcome of the research, however, was that women who were wearing socks were 40% more likely to orgasm than women who weren’t wearing socks. Huh. Turns out that the lab was cold, and so researchers made the connection that having cold feet was both a physiological and mental distraction, inhibiting relaxation and climax. Common sense even.


And so the idea of O’Sox was born, so that women could have a go-to pair of socks to celebrate their special time.