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Give, with the 6 Sexiest Words

Andrea Grayson

Women are turned-on by many different things at different times. For some, it is what she does for herself, like slipping into her perfect-fitting jeans, or wearing the shoes or jewelry that make her feel empowered and sexy. For others, it is what she gets from someone else, like a warm and suggestive smile from a person she's attracted to. 

But then, there are the six sexist words:

What can I do for you?

When a partner utters these words sincerely, the phrase contains so much:

  • I am present for you
  • I want to connect with you
  • Your pleasure is my pleasure
  • Your needs/desires come before mine
  • We are in this together
  • Giving is receiving

These six words, and the intention of giving behind them, can revolutionize your intimacy by bringing you both into a space of renewed honesty and connection with yourself and your desires.

When someone asks their partner What can I do for you?, it disarms his or her ego from having to prove anything; the actions are in service of another person, not oneself.

Some of the things that a woman might hear or experience when she hears What can I do for you? might include:

  • This person really cares about me/my pleasure/my wellbeing
  • I'm going to be taken care of (which can create a surge of adoration and willingness)
  • Can I relax into this?...Will I relax into this?
  • What do I want right now?...Can I really say?...Do I feel trust?...Can I let myself let go?

When a woman hears What can I do for you?, it holds a space for opportunity; to connect with herself, to speak her truth, to embrace the moment with her full being, and thus empowering both partners to heightened connection.

An empowered woman is a beautiful, generous, kind and appreciative being who radiates love.

This moment of true intimacy and connection is so very healing and nurturing (and also very hot) that it ripples outward and outward. Your small gift of attention puts a new cause into motion that will reverberate around the world.

Elevate the moment with the gift of your generous attention. You will be rewarded in so many ways.