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The Orgasm [Gap] Survey 2016




The Orgasm [Gap] Survey 2016

Andrea Grayson

Ladies, do you climax as frequently as your partner? Is that OK with you?

We are conducting this survey to better understand the current state of sexual satisfaction, and to see where there are opportunities to raise awareness. We are interested in how it's going for hetero, lesbian and pansexual relations, as well as for your self-pleasure practice.

We know from research that only about 40% of women reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. When phallices are involved, that means she needs some other hand or tongue play to stimulate her to orgasm. We also know that a woman's orgasm isn't based on physical stimulation alone: it is also about relaxation and freedom from stress (what the female Viagra tries to address).

Since each woman’s anatomy and preferences are different, that means that each new partner has to learn what exactly will release the pleasure of this specific woman. That requires communication: we need to ask a woman what she prefers, and she needs to feel confident enough to express what feels good for her and what she desires. [Though some people have a keen sexual intelligence, and can sense what the partner wants and needs, oh yeah.]

Some women, though, aren’t so good at articulating their desires (if they even know what they want and like), or, may not want to make their partners feel bad by giving them instructions, or maybe, intuitively know that it would take a long time for them to climax (or not at all), so they either dismiss their climax as not important to pursue, or fake it.

The Orgasm [Gap] Survey aims to understand this phenomenon more, with the goal of learning how to empower women to ask for what they want, and help their partners better understand how to give it to them.

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Thanks so much for being part of the survey.