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Sox on a Mission

O'Sox has a two-fold mission: to inspire greater intimacy and pleasure in your life, and to support REAL sex education.

O'Sox is a Social Enterprise, meaning that the business was created to do social good.  Not only are we giving some love, support and needed attention to the female orgasm, but we are giving a portion of proceeds to support issues important for the advancement and empowerment of women.

Specifically, we're interested in researching and disseminating best practices in 21st Century Sex Education. You know, the stuff young people really need to know. Like, what consent is, how to ask for it and give it. 

We're also interested in empowering young women develop high aspirations, which might involve delaying having children until they have had a taste of creating a life for themselves.

Through O'Sox, we hope to inspire and empower women to express themselves sexually — their desires, their preferences — and they will be empowered to express themselves in every other area of life.  Sexual relations can be a metaphor for everything else in the relationship, and for life in general, so if you’re communicating, sharing, and getting what you want in bed, that’s a great model for the rest of your life.